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Brett Fonfa Foundation (BFF) is a 501(c)3 non profit organization committed to offering and expanding the education and accessibility of the arts by providing programs, opportunities, resources and therapy to artists of all ages further enriching communities universally.


Prior to BFF official non profit status approval, ARTFONFA was our initial community organization providing opportunities for hundreds of artists from all across the U.S. from in person art exhibitions to digital galleries. 


BFF will continue to produce consistent community art exhibitions highlighting up-and-coming artists, specifically artists with marginalized voices, as well as expand in many new avenues with various innovative programs.


our mission

At BFF we firmly believe the importance of expressing and creating art, art education  and the healing aspects of art are inexplicable in the influence and growth of one’s spirit. Everyone and anyone should be able to receive the gifts that come with expressing our own gifts. 


BFF will allow students from all different areas, cultures, backgrounds, economic statuses, and levels the chance and opportunity they may not be able to receive in the community they are living in. Art teaches discipline and patience, boosts self confidence and moral, challenges and influences and most of all enriches the lives of not only the person creating but everyone around them. From outward expression to the most inner thoughts, art is the reason. 



Art Exhibitions

Each exhibition will showcase different artists with various mediums and creative direction. BFF artists will showcase projects from both the spring and winter seasons. Professional collectors and curators will be invited to all events.

Art Workshops

A space for active community members to participate in art workshops ranging various mediums, themes, and activities. Ages/levels will not be taken into account as workshops will be open for everyone, come one come all.

Art Therapy

Taught by hand selected psychologists, therapeutic courses will incorporate creative methods and healing mechanisms through art media. This special programming will be designed to foster mental well-being.

Art Education

Various courses to come: painting, photography, mixed media, ceramics, jewelry, woodworking, music, writing, film, cooking and dance. From basic training to skillful technique, classes will be offered to artists of all ages and capabilities. 

Artist In Residence

 Studio space, consultation and guidance during residency will be provided to select artists to further their studies; concluding the active study, artists will showcase their projects in an exhibition at a traditional gallery setting.

Art Resources

BFF will serve as the epicenter for creative resources. From physical materials/equipment to consultation and guidance from our masters to a space to connect with like-minded creatives, BFF will be a space for anyone to have access to the arts. 

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Thanks for supporting us!

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